Monday, December 1, 2008

mission calls

As many of you know, my awesome brother Kyle received a mission call to Baton Rouge Louisiana in May, and found out 2 days before that he had to have surgery, and could not go for a while. It was so hard for him and made me cry all the time helping him, because I knew he was in so much pain, and I could tell from his face. It was hard for him too, and no matter how much he doesn't want to admit it, he did cry. He was so ready to go, and of course was only needing about 5 small things. He still has all the things he needs to go. He has been living with my sister for the past month and a half, working for her, and just getting away for a while. Kyle found out at the doctor today he can go! He is leaving December 17th, so it is good my mom didn't get him much for Christmas! Well I don't want him to leave, because he is so funny, and I love him, but I know how excited he is, so I will try to have a good last couple of weeks. I love you Kyle!!!