Sunday, September 28, 2008


My parent's anniversary is September 11th. My sister's and my grandparents are both on September 13th. Every year they leave for a while and go on a trip together. This year they left for one and a half weeks to California. From what I hear they are having fun. It has been hard, but a very good experience for our family. My mom is the best, and does everything for us. We help out, yeah, but it is nothing like the real thing...

Us kids have cooked...

Set and cleared the table...

Washed the dishes...

Cleaned (very nice too I must add)...

And did our own laundry.
It has been difficult, but I guess it will probably be worse than this in the future when I have kids of my own. Thanks for teaching us these life skills that will stick with me for the rest of my life!


So this is my crazy 9 year old little brother Derek...
I love him so much, but he can be REALLY crazy!
He is so funny, and annoying, and funny again.

Thanks for being an awesome brother these 9 years! Love ya.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

birthday party

So I went to the scariest birthday party ever on Friday! It was for my bestest friend Taylor. We first went to her house and opened presents, and had cake and ice cream. Then we left for Salt Lake City! We went to Nightmare on 13th street, a Spook Ally. I have never been so scared in my life! Things dropped from the ceiling, people popped out from corners, strobe lights, and moving walls! AHHHHHH! I also HATE, HATE, HATE, chainsaw guys! It scared the living heck out of me, but afterwards, it was so worth it. We got the extreme VIP pass, so got to go to some extra rooms. It freaked me out soooooo bad! I don't know if I could ever go again!

If you can't tell this is my Nightmare on 13th Haunted House wrist band!!!
if you keep it on you can go for free one night.
I don't know if I will be able to go again!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Me and my friend Jaylen have this 5 year old neighbor named Megan. She is so cute! We decided we all like Hannah Montana and Mac&Cheese, so we had a party. We listened to Hannah Montana, Played games like limbo, and dolls, and ate mac&cheese. It was so fun and funny.


Monday, September 22, 2008


I don't know if you can see it, but on our way home from the funeral, WE SAW A DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! It was so cool. For all you Monk fans... it is funny also!


My grandpa Spackman's funeral was this Saturday. It was very sad, but he is much happier. Everyone was there except one daughter-in-law, and 5 grand kids. It turned out very good. I bet he was happy with how it ended. He wanted to die in home, which he did. It will be hard for my grandma, but she will get to do a lot of things she hadn't been able to. Here is me and my cousins Heidi and Lindsay at his burial in front of the casket. Its hard to see him go.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

crazy little girls

I have 3 crazy little cousins who I love way too much! They are adorable. Brooklyn is 8 and just got baptized. Avery is 4 and is all over the place. Bergen is 2 and, is just like Avery. We used to babysit them 2 times a week, but recently they moved up to logan, and I miss them soooooo much. They have such an imagination, and I wouldn't trade them for the world!!!

september birthdays...

Happy Birthday To...

Jaylen Hernandez -September 4th

Taylor Boyle -September 24th

Mark West -September 27th


So school started about 3 weeks ago. I am in 9th grade at Syracuse Jr. High School. I love it, and all my friends. I am on block schedual which is like the high school with classes every other day. It is nice. I can't wait for high school though!

some bad news...

My grandpa Spackman passed away 3:14 a.m. Tuesday September 16th 2008. It is very sad, but he was very sick, and will be happier in heaven. I love and miss him!

Monday, September 1, 2008


This is my only sister Mindee. She is 24. She lives in Mesquite Nevada and works at Falcon Ridge Golf Course. I just got my hair cut and have often heard we look like twins. That is a good thing.


Monk's 100th episode is on Friday! Monk is a family favorite t.v. show. We watch every friday. It is about a detective that has OCD. It is very funny!

Queen Bees

This summer I found out about a t.v. show which I am now addicted to! It is called Queen Bees. 7 bratty girls, all go to live in this house for 8 weeks. They think they are going to see who is the biggest Diva. As soon as they get there they find out someone in their circle doesn't like how they act. The show is to teach these girls all these lessons on being nice, fair, to have power, and to not be jealous. They get stars for improvement. Only one of the seven girls ended up getting eliminated. I love the show, and don't know what I am going to do now that it is over!


This summer was crazy for me. Between E.F.Y, Trek, Dance, Vacations, Girls Camp, Youth City Council, and Family Reunions. E.F.Y. was awsome! I went with a couple of friends, and came back with a whole bunch of friends. Trek was good too. Very tiring, but also very spiritual! We had an 11 hour dance camp over a period of 2 days. It was fun and also very tiring. I was made dance captain over our team. We went to my Grandparents cabin for our family Vacation this year. Well we go every year, and it is really fun. For girls camp we went up to Idaho and went to the Twin Falls open house. It was so beautiful. I guess you could say we had a "DIVA" camp. Our theme was diva, but it stood for divine intent virtuous actions. We had a pool, showers, cabins, air conditioning, toilets, etc. I just wish it would have been paved instead of dirt! For YCC this year we went to Park City. It was my first year, and was very fun. I did get a little bit of shopping in, which I love! Our family reunions were a blast! I got to see both sides this year, which was really fun. I love my family so much, and am thankful I have normal people on both sides.