Sunday, April 26, 2009


So I obviously haven't written for a while... so here is my April for you!

1. Travis and Emily are getting married June 27th in the Bountiful Temple!
They went to Mesquite and Mindee took some wedding pictures for them with her mad camera skills. They turned out really cute.

I cannot wait for Emily to be my new sister-in-law!

Dance is pretty much the only thing I have time for anymore, and it is really sad. I dance 2 times a week for 1 hour each day, except when it is competition season I have extra practices.
I don't have many pictures of me in my other costumes, so this is me in my Show costume.

We had a Competition Saturday the 18th at Bonneville High School. It was a tough competition, but turned out okay. I think my team got 2nd in all our dances, but 1st in Show... but I can't really remember because it was confusing! After competing, me and my friend Ali went to a crew battle. It was really cool to see all the moves and stuff. There were 3 judges who have been on TV and in movies (one from America's best dance crew and 2 from High School Musical). It was one of the coolest things I think I have ever seen!
Since my dance teacher was due in May we had another competition on the 25th. Turns out she had her baby Thursday the 23rd... so we didn't have a teacher at our competition, which is a lot of pressure on us. Also to make things more hectic, our dance trailer with all of our show routine props (tables, chairs, mugs, plastic succors, foil kisses, canes, our backdrop, etc.) got stolen on Thursday night! So Friday most girls on our team, and most parents came and we remade everything. It took a lot of work, and it was a lot of money, but we got it done. It was a little different, but it turned out okay. Other than the mugs they remade got dropped and broken, so at our competition we bought and remade those again with extra time when we weren't practicing.
Hectic, I know, but it turned out okay, getting 1st in Lyrical, Hip Hop, and Show, and 2nd in Jazz! We were so proud of ourselves, and I am very happy about how it turned out. We filmed all the dances and some of the dancers saying hi, and are making a movie for my teacher since she couldn't be there.
WOW what an April!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am so excited to announce that my brother Travis proposed to his girlfriend Emily on April fools!!! It was really funny. She thought he was at work and she saw him and he proposed with a ring pop, and then said April fools, and then she went in her room, and there were rose petals everywhere, and he proposed with the real ring. It was really cute! But I am so excited for Emily to be my new Sister-In-Law.
Here is a picture of them, but it isn't perfect!

the best weekend...

So I pretty much had the best weekend of my life.
Friday I went to the DAVID ARCHULETA CONCERT!!! It was amazing, I loved it. I was a little bit sick, but I got through it. I knew every song, except about 4 new ones that are not on the c.d. I bet my family is sick of me because I listen to his whole c.d. almost every single day!!!
These are some of the girls I went with. We all got cool shirts with David on them and a line from one of his songs. One lady actually had us stand so she could guess which songs they were from. I also went with my brothers old girlfriend Amanda (She is awesome, too bad Kyle is on a mission and I do not see you as often) and her little sister Andrea. Andrea got backstage tickets, so she wasn't in the picture. Even though I met these girls that day, we clicked from the start!

One of the coolest things was we sat right across the row from DAVID OSMAND!!! I was freaking out. If you cannot tell, he put his arm around me. He talked to me a little but I was so excited I couldn't really talk back. For any of you who do not know who he is, he is Donny Osmand's nephew, and he was on American Idol for a while, but didn't make the top 36, I was really sad. He also sings the church song "A More Excellent Way" which is one of my favorites!

On Saturday I had my first dance competition of the year... WOHOO!!! It was really fun.

This is our show routine, which is all about candy and is almost 10 minutes long. There are 3 teams, the Sr. Diva's (Which I am on), the Jr. Diva's, and the Mini Diva's. For this dance we do 3 dances all together and one dance for each team. We did really good for this number. We got first place! For my Jazz and Lyrical dances we got 2nd in both, but I was pretty happy because there were 5 teams we were competing against that were all really good.

This is my best dance friend Ali. Some of the little girls have troubles telling us apart sometimes. We are both the dance captains for our team, and I love hanging out with her!

This weekend was pretty much the best ever!!!