Sunday, June 5, 2011


I love all my friends so much!! I just can't explain how lucky I am to have the friends I have.

Productions End of Year Party. I am going to miss all the Seniors so so much now that graduation is over :( We sat around the campfire and talked, played WOLF, (which is why all our eyes are closed) and just had a ton of fun!
I never thought I would love theatre as much as I now do. I am really glad I decided to try it.

Productions party day 2. The next morning we went to Denney's for breakfast.

Some of the Laurels in the ward. I have a great ward!

Last day of School... :( Although I have to go back next year, I still can't describe how sad I am that the seniors aren't coming back.

Yesterday me and Juli went to Jordan's graduation BBQ. Below is Jord and above is his little brother. Too cute!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pro Start

Pro Start is my cooking class at school. It is more complex than just a regular foods class. Instead of making food for ourselves and learning, we make food for customers, and we are forced to be creative and to try new things. It is such a great class. I can't even wait for it next year.

Our final project was to design and make a cake. Any size, any shape, any design. We chose to do a strawberry theme. Someone stole our cakes, so we ended up with a chocolate and an Oreo cake instead of strawberry cakes, but it still tasted good. I am very pleased with our outcome!

We used butter cream frosting and fondant for the dots, the ladybugs, the strawberries and the bow. We did not have time for the bow to harden, so it is sinking in the pictures, but it was really cute! haha