Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peter Pan

Peter Pan went amazingly. We got amazing reviews! Of course we had to take some crazy pictures... haha

jake, andrea, me, hayley me :)
me and andrea
hayley, andrea, me
andrea, hayley, me

We made these cute headbands with the kiddos inbetween shows. I couldn't resist making them for all of us!

me and my new sister! haha
And now the good pictures that mindee took!

andrea, me, hayley, joey
andrea, me, hayley

aka (pirate, indian, mermaid)
Me and mindee and derek. Derek was so lucky to get the part of michael when we had too many people drop out. He has never done any acting before, but he was a natural. Everybody loved him!
Indian dance

I was also asked to be a pirate. We had too many drop out. I am the one holding the spyglass at the top :)

I love dancing, singing, acting, fighting, anything with theatre. It was a great show!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

morp 2

Our shirts.
me, bryson, dallin, haley, alyssa, brant.
dipping chocolates.

mmm ice cream!

we tried spelling tons of words haha here are a couple.

I had such a good time!
Thanks so much Bryson :)

Friday, March 4, 2011


*I love high school dances!! Morp is tomorrow. I can't wait...
*our shirts.
*theme is "Wild West".

*me and my cute date Bryson!
* I have practice all day tomorrow, so we did our day date tonight. We came to my house to dip chocolates. Peanut Butter, Idle Isle, and Caramel... mmm mmm mmm!

*more pictures after the dance tomorrow night.