Sunday, January 11, 2009


Saturday was the most laziest day of my life. There was a Monk marathon, which had the best episodes made, so I watched it, and watched it, and watched it. It started at 10 o'clock a.m. and ended at midnight. That whole day, I mopped the floors, showered, ate lunch, texted, tried to do homework for 5 minutes, but it didn't work, and went to Arbie's to pick up dinner. The whole rest of the day I watched monk. I would have to move spots, because I got tired of sitting in one spot, but I watched almost every episode. By the end of the day I was so tired, and really lazy. It was not good. I didn't watch the last episode, because I was too tired, and had to go to bed! I love monk though, it is the best show in the world!

birthday continued...

For my birthday Monday, from mom, I got money, from Vicki, I got lotion and perfume (sweet pea), chap stick, a sonic gift card (I love happy hour), and 2 of my favorite candy bar.

My Party was on Friday the 9th. It was so much fun! We hung out, played games, and watched eagle eye. It is an amazing movie!
This is Alyssa, Courtney, Hayley, Me, Wyatt, and Josh. Thank you for the awesome gifts. From Alyssa, I got this really cute picture frame, from Courtney, I got a Jamba Juice gift card (I love Jamba Juice), From Hayley, I got these cute polka dot socks, and cute earrings, which by the way I love and am wearing right now! From Wyatt, I got a Walmart gift card, and from Josh I got pop and candy. It was so much fun, and thank you all again!
The theme I guess you could say of my party was spider man. My mom made an awesome cake, and we had spider man treat bags, blowers, and colors of streamers and balloons. It was really fun!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Happy Birthday To Me!!! Yes, it is my birthday today... January 5th. It was an awesome day. I got to open a present from my sister yesterday, it was a cute white jacket. Today I wore my new shirt I bought at the mall with Hayley. I got sang to in 2nd period study skills. My best friend forever Taylor bought me balloons, and unfortunately I had to take them to the office. It was a great day, and thank you Taylor... your awesome! Hopefully, I will get on soon to write about the rest of the day, and week!

new years!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Mine was great. I hung out with Hayley, Alyssa, Courtney, and Josh (and Wyatt and Jacob, but they went home before the picture was taken). We played a whole bunch of Wii games including guitar hero and Wii Fit, which is the best game ever, we played guitar hero, we played murderer in the dark and hide and seek in the dark, etc. At 11:50 we all went outside to do the countdown. We had huge bags of confetti, hats or crowns, blowers, and noise makers. We did the countdown, and ran up and down the streets making noise, and throwing confetti. The neighbors started coming out, so we decided to go inside. We were filled with confetti, and it was everywhere on the streets. It was so funny. Inside we got the cool champagne cups, and drank like, at least 3 bottles of pop! After the boys went home we all slept over at Hayley's house! It was so much fun. We stayed up and played the Wii. Courtney went to sleep at 2, I went to sleep at 3ish, and Hayley and Alyssa stayed up until 6! They are crazy. We woke up at 10, and I went home for a New Years Brunch. Deep Fat Fried French Toast, is my new favorite breakfast meal, it sounds gross, but it is so good! It was so much fun! What a great weekend!

Christmas Break

Sorry, I haven't been on in a while. Just got caught up in the holidays I guess... Well Christmas Break Was super fun! We went down to Mesquite right after my dance recital on Saturday the 20th (which by the way, my dance recital went really well). After Kyle left, Kendall, Quinn and I all share the phone. It has been crazy, but fun to talk to some friends. Okay, so we got to St. George at 11:00 on Saturday night.
Monday: We went to Mesquite. We played tennis, went to a buffet, went to see Madagascar 2 (amazing), went shopping for my sisters sub for Santa, and ate dinner, and my family drove to the hotel and I slept over.
Tuesday: We went to St. George. We went to the visitors center of the St. George Temple. It was so warm and beautiful that day!
After the temple we went to Subway for lunch. After that the girls went shopping. I got a bunch of stuff. I was excited! That night we watched Step Up, which is one of my favorite movies!!!
Wednesday: We went to Mesquite. We went to the Mesquite Rec Center to play Racquetball, and Walleyball. It was super fun. I am terrible at both, but it was fun! We had lunch, hung out, then a huge roast dinner. After dinner we did our normal traditions... Our family talent show, I sung, acting out the nativity, and our family gift exchange.

For Derek I got Basketball shorts, and a t-shirt. It is cute. From Quinn I got cute snowflake pajama pants, and a jamba card... I love Jamba!!!

That night, we all squeezed into my sisters room, and went to bed.
Thursday: For Christmas, I got a cute snow tube to go sledding, and I used it, and it is the best. Everyone was begging to use it at our family sledding party. It won almost all the distance records.

I also got lots of chap sticks,

2 movies, What a girl wants, and Newsies, which if you haven't seen them, you should,

A cute shirt from Monterey California,

An I-Pod speaker to go with my new...

I-POD!!! I was so excited about it. I listen to it all the time! To make it even better, for our Ashcroft party (my mom's side of family) I got the new David Archuletta C.D. to put on it!!!

The rest of Christmas Day was spent playing my sister's new wii she got from mark's mom, and golfing, and hanging out.
Friday: We hung out in St. George. We just hung out, we went to the St. George Rec. Center to play racquetball and Walleyball again. It was my dad's birthday, and my sister's was on the 7th, so we celebrated them both while we were there!
Saturday: We went home that day. We left at about 11:00. It was a great trip. I definitely miss the warmness! Thank you Mindee for letting us Stay!