Sunday, June 14, 2009


So i found this sketch thing on facebook, and tried it out, and it is really cool! I only did a couple pictures, but thought it was awesome... so here are some!

me: Jamie

brother-in-law: Mark

little bro: Derek

10 all time fav. pictures...

I saw this on my friends blog, and totally wanted to do it. These are my top 10 favorite pictures that i have on my computer!!!
Mindee took this picture of me at my brother's soccer game, and i wasn't dressed up or anything, but i think it totally looks like i was getting my pictures done! Turned out really cute. Thanks Mindee!
Me and some girls at the david archuletta concert!!! WOHOO!!!!!
my cousins on my dad's side: Lindsay, me, and Heidi, at my grandpa's funeral.
me and my gorgeous sister at my grandma and papa's house.
me sitting on the couch
alyssa, me, hayley, and court on the last day of school!
most of my family and my 991/2 year old great grandma florence!
me and my cute cousins (well cousins daughters) bergen, brooklyn, and avery.
me and my best dance friend ali.

me at the david archuleta concert with david osmand... SO AWESOME! the first real famous person I have met!

anyway... yeah, those are 10 pictures i love!!!

End of School!! :)

Finally, the end of Jr. high. Many of you know I had a terrible 9th grade, so I am glad it is finally over! I am excited/nervous for high school. I will definitely miss my 8th grade friends, Alyssa, Hayley, and Courtney. This is a whole bunch of pictures of our all day party... WOW!
alyssa, me, hayley, courtney
us at an old speed limit sign
(our mouths are red from the slurpies!)

courtney and me
hayley, me, and courtney
Courtney and me
(sorry it is sideways)

on our way to 7-11!!!

HUGE pizza!


lots of pics of the swings... only putting a couple! :)

Huge bon-fire burning all our school work! didn't really work. We ended up just ripping it all up and throwing it away in the garbage. Alyssa has all the pictures and hasn't put them on the computer yet!!!

Slurpie chugging!!!!
not so much actually haha

7-11 again. Pictures SOOO out of order!!!
Turned out to be an awesome day! Stayed up until 3 playing games of which me and courtney dominated, and hayley and alyssa lost! haha.
You guys are AMAZING!!!