Sunday, July 26, 2009


forgot to mention, in park city i met up with my best friend from Illinois Hannah. We went shopping, went to lunch, and went to the olimpic park to watch the divers together. Her mom and my mom also went. Hannah is a year and a half younger than me, but we were the best friends. It was so much fun to be able to see her again!
hannah's birthday in Illinois
hannah's baptism in Illinois

us in park city


Sorry there is a zillion pictures!!!

The place we stayed at was Swiss, so it looked pretty cool!

Music and the spoken word for church Sunday.
me and mom at the rodeo!
super fun, and totally crazy.
tackling baby cows
going around barrels
chariots, or something
This picture is of Whip Lash the Cowboy MONKEY! the little dot thing on the left is a monkey riding a dog. The human is the trainer, and the other blurry things are goats. The monkey guided the goats different places. IT WAS AWESOME!!!
rope twirling
bull riding
I am not as good as them!
We went to snowbird for the day to their... amusement park sort of thing.

hiking, yes... in the snow!
bungee trampoline
back flip
rock climbingAlpine slide
Zip line

veterans monument on the 24th of July
sun splash ski jump competition.
People from all over the world came to compete skiing off these ramps and diving into pools!
It was amazing.
They bubble the water up so when the jumpers land it isn't so hard.

It ended up being a really fun week!

Friday, July 17, 2009

swim/picnic party

So since I had so much fun at my mac and cheese/Hannah Montana party with Megan a while ago I decided it was time for another one. This time a swim/picnic party!
first off lunch outside.
next jump on the trampoline with sprinklers.

Meggie's kart wheel
my something, i can't remember what I was doing...
then slip-n-slide
us drying off.
after water games we made bracelets.
then lastly we played high school musical!
Megan was so good.
We ended up having such a fun time and can't wait until the next party! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


So e.f.y. was amazing... again!! ha ha i loved it. It is such a great experience to be able to just get away from the world for a week and be with good people in a good place learning about the Gospel. I love it so so much!
So I am obviously way into pictures, so here are a lot...
me and court
matt, me, bruce
court, reo, hayley, ethan, me, alyssa

alyssa and me
court, hayley, scott, me, alyssa
hayley being a spaz with alec
alyssa, me, hayley
hayley and me
some girl, courtney, hayley, scott, alyssa, ethan, me, (reo is kinda poppin his head in the background if you can see him... ha ha)
all the girls in my company
all the girls in my councilor group
alyssa, hayley, BRANDON, and me.
anyway i miss all my new friends, and can't wait to hopefully go next year!!! :)