Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pageant results...

This is my picture from the photo-shoot at Jeff Hodges Photography. He really does an excellent job, but I feel I look funny without freckles :)

me and Ashlie before it started
all the Teen Contestants in our production number outfit
my amazing hostess Lisa Chandler
my dress
and finally my award! I am the Miss Teen Syracuse Attendant :) Its pretty much like saying I got 2nd place.
Thank you to Ashlie Albrecht for helping me with anything I needed. I knew I could always come to you and you would give me the best advice!
Thanks Megan and Ellie for supporting me through this whole thing and cheering me on.
A million thanks to Marla and the rest of the committee and judges for helping me through everything and supporting me.
Thank you Thank you Thank you Lisa for all your hard work, and patience, and commitment, and calming and just everything you did. You are truly amazing.
And I don't have a picture, but thanks to my parents for all their support, emotionally and financially. It all came together because of you!
Thank you to everyone who came and supported me in this. I am so proud to have the most amazing family and friends ever!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today is the BIG day. Miss Syracuse and Miss Syracuse Outstanding Teen Awards are given. I will just give you a rundown of how the pageant goes, then I will come on tonight or tomorrow and say how i did :S
-First is the Judges interview. I think it is
25% of your total score. They interview you for 7.5 minutes I think, and they are looking for honesty, correct answers, personality, etc.

-Then it is the actual Pageant:
*We start off with the Production Number which is just all the contestants do a simple dance together, and introduce themselves very briefly. I cannot remember how much it is worth, but I know its very small.
*Instead of doing a swimsuit contest, the Miss Teen girls do an active wear. It is worth maybe
15%. We dress up in something that is cute, and active. For example I am doing tennis, so I have a cute tennis outfit, and racket, and I just walk around the stage and hit poses that are cute.
*Next is the Talent Portion. It is worth
*Our final change is into our evening gowns. First off we walk around the stage, while the M.C's talk about our future goals and our families and such. The judges are looking for poise, smile, manners, etc. I also don't know how much they score us on this.
*Still in our gowns, we have an onstage interview. It is worth
. They usually make it more easy, and not something you can get wrong, but just an opinion question. Like for instance, they will not ask who is the mayor, or who is the vice president, but more of like, who in your life is your biggest inspiration, or what color describes you most and why?
*Lastly is our crowning...